When we think of money it can be puzzling how some people have so much and others have so little. What are the people with money doing to build wealth and what are the people with little to none do with theirs? Money is not mysterious. Financial independence is within arm’s reach if you know the steps to take to accomplish your goals. The problem is many of us weren’t taught the fundamentals or the behavioral do’s and don’t of personal finance. For instance, if you’ve been tasked to make a pie but have never done so before you could estimate you will need flour, sugar, eggs, and your favorite fruit. Then eventually you’ll run into some obvious issues. How long do I bake it for? When do I add the eggs? Getting the recipe wrong means your end product probably won’t meet your expectations. Those who have succeeded before know the steps already and their pie comes out tasting better than the last one. You don’t buy a car before you have a job and you don’t invest all your money into crypto before having an emergency fund. There is a recipe to managing your money and achieving your financial goals. In this blog we will provide you with the tools you need to make a sweet money pie that gets better and better with each generation.

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