1. Separate your savings from your checking account.
    -Commingling your daily spending money and your emergency fund might tempt you to over spend. Open a savings account. Set a goal of $1,000 and create a pay period amount you can stick to.
  2. Start with 3%.
    -It may not look like much but we’re creating a healthy habit. When you begin to see you’ve made steady progress, increase the amount. If you need to go back down, the lowest amount should be 3% of your paycheck.
  3. Save and build credit at the same time.
    -Create a “Self” credit builder account. You can choose the amount you wish to start saving based on the plans available. Every month you make a payment towards the amount, “Self” will report the payment to the major credit bureaus as a successful on time payment. It will look to creditors as if you’re paying off a loan. At the end of 12 months they will write you a check for the amount saved.
  4. Cut unnecessary subscriptions and monthly maintenance fees.
    -Monthly fees, however small add up, do your best to minimize these expenses so you can achieve your financial goals quicker.
  5. Count every dollar.
    -Assess your cash flow every month. Know how much goes into your account every month and how much you spend. If you don’t know every dollar that goes in and out of your account you may be overspending.

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